Luke Priday – Corrupt Lawyer – Victoria Police


This man is an alleged criminal, working as a lawyer for Victoria Police. But he may never be charged and he may never face justice. Why? Because he is protected by Victoria’s corrupt Legal Services Commissioner. The crimes he is alleged to have committed include Perjury and Perverting the Course of Justice. When his corrupt conduct was exposed he was allowed to slip quietly out of the office of the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner, and into a comfortable position as a lawyer with Victoria Police.

Luke Priday - Victoria Police Lawyer - Criminal Allegations

Luke Priday – Victoria Police Lawyer

The fact that Ms Fiona McLeay, as Legal Services Commissioner, has determined that Mr Priday is a ‘fit and proper person’ to continue holding a licence to practise as an Australian Legal Practitioner is not surprising. Mr Priday knows a great deal about the way Ms McLeay has conducted herself and operated as Legal Services Commissioner, and so Ms McLeay cannot afford to do anything that might turn Mr Priday against her. Indeed, Mr Priday could become a very dangerous whistleblower if he ever felt vulnerable to prosecution.

Mr Priday’s move from the office of the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner into a position of lawyer with Victorian Police raises serious questions about the integrity of those involved:

“What did Mr Priday tell Victoria Police about his past conduct as a Senior Investigator with the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner?”

“Did Mr Priday conceal the fact that he had been the subject of numerous serious complaints regarding his honesty and integrity?”

“What references were proffered by Mr Priday as part of his application to become a member of Victoria Police?”

“If references were tendered by Mr Priday during the recruiting process, by whom were they prepared?”

“Did anyone from the office of the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner vouch for Mr Priday, or recommend him as a person of integrity?”

“Did any person deliberately deceive Victoria Police in order to secure a plum position for Mr Priday?

But most importantly of all:

“What will Victoria Police do about Mr Priday?”


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