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Peter Mericka – Lawyer and Real Estate Consumer Advocate

I am aware that readers will want to know how I am qualified to identify corruption, criticise the conduct of various parties and identify flaws in the investigative procedures employed by those whose role it is to prevent, confront and corruption in its various manifestations.

This section provides details of my knowledge and experience in areas of criminal law, forensic investigation, internal investigation and ethics, property law and the real estate industry. My expertise in forensic investigation and the investigation of complaints against police has also been recognised by way of commendations, details of which are also provided via the links below.

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Peter Mericka – Commendations for Professionalism

At various times during my police career I received commendations of various kinds, usually verbal but sometimes in writing. While I have received numerous verbal commendations (some involving a formal “appearance” before an officer at District... View Article

Peter Mericka
Lawyer and corruption whistleblower, blowing the whistle on corruption in Victoria's public service, judiciary and government. Corruption changes the rules!
Peter Mericka
- 3 years ago
Peter Mericka
Peter Mericka

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