Steely-eyed Advice for the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner

It is with astounding arrogance and hypocrisy that the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner should dare to send me an email such as this.

I now put Fiona McLeay’s own words to her:

“Maintaining public trust and confidence in the legal profession should be a key objective for all of us. The integrity of the legal profession is fundamental to the legitimacy of the justice system and the maintenance and protection of the rule of law. This is a shared responsibility and we all have a part to play.”

Having read through her email (see below), I now look at her, steely-eyed, and reply, “Madam, you are corrupt and you must resign!”



  1. The question I then ask of Fiona is. If maintaining public trust and confidence in the legal profession is her key objective then why have the Legal Services Commissioner stated in a Melbourne Magistrates Court that the release of the report written by The Victorian Ombudsman George Brouwer in 2009 which details the failings of her office at the time, to investigate complaints against the legal profession properly is against the public interest.
    Keeping secrets from the public destroys trust and erodes what ever little confidence the public have left for this structure!

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