Persons of Interest

Persons named in this list are those who have, or may have, information pertinent to this investigation. Inclusion in this list does not imply guilt. Where corrupt conduct is alleged against any named person the allegation(s) will be stated in a page or post linked to the person’s name and will be supported by evidence.

The list and links will be updated over time as information and evidence is collated and uploaded.

Fiona McLeay – Victorian Legal Services Commissioner (VLSC)

Michael McGarvie (Former Victorian Legal Services Commissioner)

Ms Fiona Bennett – Non-lawyer member, Chairperson Legal Services Board

Ms Jennifer Batrouney AM QC – Barrister (advocate) member Legal Services Board

Mr Geoff Bowyer – Solicitor (non-advocate) member Legal Services Board

Ms Liz Harris – Solicitor (non-advocate) member Legal Services Board

Dr Lynne Williams AM – Non-lawyer member Legal Services Board

Ms Catherine Wolthuizen – Non-lawyer member Legal Services Board

Ms Cate Wood AM – Non-lawyer member Legal Services Board

Danielah Iacono – Manager, Discipline & Suitability (VLSC)

Tina Stagliano – Manager, Disciplinary Investigations (VLSC)

Caroline Ward – Senior Investigator, Discipline & Suitability (VLSC)

Luke Priday – Lawyer – Victoria Police (Former Senior Investigator, Discipline & Suitability (VLSC))

Daniel Deeks – Licensing Paralegal (VLSC)

Cara O’Shanassy – Legal Manager (Disciplinary Proceedings) at Victorian Institute of Teaching (Formerly Assistant Manager, Regulatory Intervention (VLSC)

Miranda Breisch – Labour Hire Authority, General Counsel (Former Investigator VLSC)

Russell Daily – Law Complaints Officer – Western Australia (Former Manager Disciplinary Investigations (VLSC))

Blair Ussher – VCAT Member

Dr Claire Noone – Former Director, Consumer Affairs Victoria

Scott Morris – Barrister