Dr Claire Noone – Former Director, Consumer Affairs Victoria

Claire Noone

Did Dr. Claire Noone, in her capacity as Director of Consumer Affairs and as Plaintiff truly authorise and instruct Blair Ussher, in his role as General Counsel Consumer Affiars Victoria to draft and send this Letter threatening false Contempt of Court charges?

If Dr. Noone did instruct Mr Ussher to send the letter is she a party to an alleged blackmail?

If Dr. Noone did not instruct Mr Ussher to send the letter, was he falsely stating that it was ‘the Plaintiff’ who had determined the requirements set out in the letter? And was he acting without the instructions of the Plaintiff?

Despite the very clear warning, “Should the undertakings not be provided, such proceedings will certainly be initiated“, and my refusal to provide the undertakings demanded, no charges were laid. Why?

These questions will be investigated in coming weeks.

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