Legal Services Commissioner – Customer Experience Survey

It seems that the Victorian Legal Services Commission and Board may be rather selective about the type of feedback they are prepared to consider.







Today I received the following email from the Victorian Legal Services Commission and Board:

Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner

Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner – Email 24 August, 2020


Believing that this might be an opportunity to draw attention the culture of corruption I have been exposing, I provided the following feedback in the survey:


One can only assume that the algorithm used in the survey has been created so as to ensure that only ‘appropriate’ feedback is received, based on the the way the survey suddenly hit 100% with the following message:

So, I will expect to see a very high satisfaction level in the final report, and with a recommendation that all is well in the office of the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner. (Somehow I’m reminded of the recent election in Belarus which resulted in an 80% satisfaction rating for Alexander Lukashenko.)


  1. I have been refused by the VLSB+C to have my practising certificate (PC) renewed for more than 9 years despite having a VCAT Judgment providing to me the right to renew my PC as from 2011. In 2010/2011 the LSB sought to take away my renewal rights pursuant to the VCAT judgment by requiring me to sign an UNDERTAKING which amended the terms and conditions of the VCAT judgment. Despite requests to have my PC renewed in 2012 and in 2016 those applications were dismissed without response.
    In August 2020 I made an application for renewal wherein I was informed that (1) I could apply for a PC via LSB online and (2) “As part of an application for an Employee practising certificate you will be able to assign yourself to the law practice where you will be employed.”
    I find this to be an egregious breach of a judgment determination and the VLSB+C needs to be held accountable for its own improper conduct and actions

  2. How does one hold the LSB accountable for its own improper conduct and actions?
    How can an UNDERTAKING be applied to amend the terns of a judgment order? [See Edwards v Law Institute of Victoria (Legal Practice) [2008] VCAT 2034 (29 September 2008) VCAT Reference No. J147/2007].
    Note: by VCAT Application to Set Aside and Order for Enforcement Reasons served upon the VLSB+C in September 2020 to have the judgment order amended from the LIV to name the VLSB+C, I have finally been able to force the LSB to now consider renewal of my PC as an Employee PC when I was admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria on 3 September 1973. In 2012 I had the opportunity to work as an employee in a legal practice, however that opportunity has long passed and due my age and experience there is no prospect of being employed as an employee solicitor.

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